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Representative Trials and Settlements

Defense Cases

Liranzo v. Liranzo, Alameda County

(Defended a gun owner and property owner in an alleged premises liability and respondeat superior theory where plaintiff demanded 2,500.000.00 in damages. The jury returned a unanimous defense verdict for my client.)

Product's Liability Claims

Plaintiffs, decedent died as a result of a single vehicle accident. Plaintiff brought a product defect action against the manufacturer and retainer for wrongful death.  Plaintiff alleged a metallurgical
problem with the subject component part. After three years of litigation and pending a motion for summary judgment, plaintiff agreed to dismissal of the action in exchange for waiver of costs.

Breach of Contract And Fraud

Truong v. Nguyen (San Mateo County)
For six years, defendants (clients) were co-owners of the King Crab restaurant located in Brisbane, California. On or about November 2005, plaintiff approached defendants seeking to purchase his fifty (50%) partnership interest in this restaurant after learning that the father was interested in retirement.

As a condition of the sale, Plaintiff demanded the role as head chef and asserted complete authority to operate said restaurant with no active participation from his co-owner. Plaintiff had misrepresented
his extensive experience in the restaurant business. Plaintiff bragged that tens of thousands of dollars in monthly profits would be made if he were in control. The profits never materialized.

On or about March 2006, plaintiff abandoned said restaurant, emptied the bank accounts, and misappropriated all monies belonging to said restaurant. He notified the landlord of abandonment. Plaintiff brought an action to recover his investment and profits. Defendant cross-complained for money damages. At trial defendant prevailed in all accounts and plaintiff appeal to the First Appellate District Division Four. In an unpublished opinion, the appeals court affirmed the judgment and costs on appeal to respondent.

Plaintiff's Personal Injury Cases

Pavlova v. Patrick Tyson.
Fairbanks, Alaska
Summary of facts:

Disputed Liability trucking accident on the Richardson Highway between Fairbanks and Delta Junction in Fairbanks Alaska.  Plaintiff was struck by a large Ford F550 two-ton flatbed truck as both vehicle hit a patch of dry ice and went out of control.

Defendant explained to the investigating State Trooper that the collision occurred because he had to swerve into the oncoming lane in order to avoid hitting the semi trailer that was in front of him and that visibility was poor due to blowing snow.

Plaintiff sustained orthopedic injuries and was hospitalized for nine days.   The case settled for $ 500,000.00.

Moskalyuk v. Fiolle
Sacramento, California
Summary of facts:

Plaintiff was rear-end from behind at approximately 25 M.P.H. when defendant was on reaching for an object. The impact caused her to face to come into contact with the steering wheel resulting in a minor fracture of the orbital bone. This case settled for $ 125,000.00.

Insurance Coverage and Cumis Counsel:
Alameda, California
Summary of Facts:

Plaintiff is a first party insured who's home was burglarized two within a span of two (2) weeks. Plaintiff lost cash among with numerous other valuables. The Insurance carrier had denied and delayed coverage based upon suspicion of fraud. Because of our experienced as long time insurance defense attorney, we were able to obtain Brandt fees and full compensation for our clients. The case resolved for $ 100,000.00

Contra Costa, California
Plaintiff's home caught on fire and the nature of said fire was deemed "suspicious". After we were retained to deal with the first party insured, we obtain Brandt Fees and emotional distress damages in connection with a global settlement for $ 350,000.0

Alameda Case No.  RG073600590, The Honorable Stephen Dombrink

Plaintiffs, represented by Law Office of Chinh T. Vo.
Defendants, represented by Law Office of Lino Martire, and Law Office of Jackel and Rousso

Summary of Case:

Plaintiff brought suit against defendant for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty in connection with alleged misappropriation of company funds. Plaintiff alleged that defendant kept multiple sets of books and destroyed records of "personal expenditure" while at the same time categorizing them as legitimately business expenses.

Defendants and counsel argued that plaintiff had sold or relinquish their ownership interest. Further, defendant argued that all expenditures were reasonable and related to the performance of his duties as Managing member of the company. 

Result: The court found in favor of plaintiffs and granted plaintiffs $ 900,016.00 in money damages. The court also granted $ 225,000.00 in attorney's fees.  Total Verdict is $ 1,125,016.00